The Ouija Board: Stories of the Zozo Demon

Posted by anomaliesradio on Wednesday, 24 of March , 2010 at 6:32 am

zozoJoin Anomalies hosts Dwayne Claud and Steve Salatino as they explore the dark world of the Ouija. Special guest Darren Evans joins the show to discuss his experiences with a dark entity who has made itself known by the name Zozo. Hear his own horrific experiences and how the same entity has begun to make contact with others around the world. What does this mean? You decide.


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Category: demonology,Haunted Experiences

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Anomalies delves into the darkest area of human fears exploring sites of extreme paranormal activity and investigating reports of terrifying cryptozoologic encounters, ghosts, UFO's among other areas of the paranormal. Anomalies, Challenging Reality.