Haunting of the Hinsdale House

Posted by anomaliesradio on Tuesday, 23 of February , 2010 at 7:58 am

Author and paranormal survivor Paul Kenyon joins the Anomalies radio crew to talk about his experiences at the renouned Hinsdale House. The book, “You Know They’re Here” is a true account of the incidents he experienced at the infamous haunted house in Hinsdale, NY in the 70s. Father Alphonsus Trabold of Saint Bonaventure performed an exorcism assisted by world renowned psychic, Alex Tanous in 1974 in hopes of cleansing the Dandy family’s home of paranormal activity. For a time the house became quiet, almost serene. just three short months after the exorcism, the activity started once again. Eventually, the family was forced to leave their out of the way country home. Investigations are still ongoing today, and a recreation of the 1974 exorcism was filmed in the summer of 2009 when strange and unexplained incidents occurred during this filming – listen to his experiences and call in with your questions. The House near Hinsdale, aka the Dandy house harbors strange and powerful paranormal activity which has to this day not been definitively explained.


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